Flexible storage system for sophisticated requirements

Larger private homes and businesses can derive multiple benefits from the environmentally friendly lithium-ion battery technology. With a lifespan of up to 20 years and extremely fast charging, the safety-tested technology meets international automotive standards for even the most sophisticated application.

Your benefits at a glance

Greater independence

Charging station for electric cars

Greater flexibility and power for your e-car, which you can now charge easily and quickly with neeoSYSTEM and a wall box. Combine neeoSYSTEM with a photovoltaic plant, charge your electric vehicle in the evening using the stored solar energy, and drive CO2-neutrally. As an added bonus, your electricity bill will decrease as you use more of your own, personally generated energy.


Flexible and easily adjustable

Thanks to its storage capacity and scalable system design in the field of triphase power electronics, you can easily configure your neeoSYSTEM to satisfy the needs of any customer. We will be happy to advise you on your energy needs!


With integrated energy management

The energy management system integrated into neeoSYSTEM monitors all functions of the complete system to ensure efficient, safe operations.
External control is also possible.
Do you need more energy?

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Thanks to its scalable power (kW) and energy (kWh),
the neeoSYSTEM can be configured simply and quickly to satisfy almost all customer requirements. Here for example, charging an electric vehicle up to a 22 kW power rating is possible at home. Reliable and tested battery racks and industrial power electronics ensure long-term, safe operation of the storage system.

Made in Germany

Sustainable, safe production

The notion of maximum safety has been the modus operandi of neeo by AKASOL for many years. It is part of the foundation of our company. From its modern manufacturing site in Darmstadt, AKASOL has been supplying battery systems for public transport providers and sustainable e-mobility for over 25 years.

For private homes and corporations

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