Battery storage for industry applications

neeoMEGA – it’s all in the name! This efficiently liquid-cooled energy supply system for industry applications can manage even the largest volumes of energy generated by high- powered EE plants to store them in continuous operation (24h) with a charge and discharge rate of 2C – even 5C at peak times! Extra power for especially powerful partners.

Your benefits at a glance

Technical data

  • Cell technology: Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Capacity BOL: 35,3 kWh
  • Nominal capacity: 53 Ah
  • Nominal voltage: 666 V
  • Max. voltage: 756 V
  • Min. voltage: 540 V
C rate
  • Charge/discharge 24 h: 2C
  • Charge/discharge peak: 5C / 10 s
  • Coolant volume: 2,1 l
  • Weight per 15 AKM system: 373 kg
  • Dimensions standing (l x w x d): 750 x 216 x 1.567 mm
Power rating
  • Charge/discharge 2C continuous 35,3 kWh 106 A per 15 AKM system
  • 5C peak 10s 35,3 kWh 265 A per 15 AKM system

Highly efficient liquid cooling system

Safe cooling on the cell level

With its safety-tested technology from the field of electric mobility and its unparalleled cooling system that cools down to the cell level, neeoMEGA can master any challenge.

Constant power output

Long, efficient operation

Thanks to our in-house modular system with liquid cooling and the resulting, extremely constant temperature conditions, battery cells last up to 50 per cent longer than is specified by the manufacturer. Another benefit of this technology is the consistent aging of the individual cells, which minimizes capacity loss throughout the service life of the battery system. This allows our customers to operate their battery systems for a long time with great stability, high performance and at a low cost.

High Scalability

Adapts to requirements

Thanks to its high scalability, neeoMEGA can satisfy the requirements of any industrial sector. From energy suppliers to large corporations, from the optimization of product flows to network stabilization, from primary control reserves to peak shaving.
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Made in Germany

Sustainable, safe production

The notion of maximum safety has been the modus operandi of neeo by AKASOL for many years. It is part of the foundation of our company. From its modern manufacturing site in Darmstadt, AKASOL has been supplying battery systems for public transport providers and sustainable e-mobility for over 25 years.

For private homes and corporations

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