From a solar mobile world champion to an international technological leader

neeo is a product of AKASOL AG, a company that has had a vision and the drive to conduct research and implement alternative mobility concepts from the outset. The personal energy of all employees and the desire to create something pioneering in the field of modern battery storage systems has resulted in first-class products and market leadership.

In all neeo products, AKASOL AG implements the comprehensive experience acquired in the development of e-mobility and pursues with equal intensity the basic drive towards an efficient, environmentally-friendly supply of energy.


Sven Schulz


Sven Schulz has been involved in the car industry since 2001. As an industrial engineer, he holds outstanding skills in many technical fields and has helped shape the company with new ideas for products and services. This was also the case in 2008 when he and three partners took the initiative to establish AKASOL AG. He uses both his technical engineering skills and MBA knowledge in managing the company’s commercial affairs.

Felix von Borck


Felix von Borck has been developing battery/electric drive solutions since working in the university-based research association Akasol e.V. in 1993, which he transformed into an independent development centre for forward-looking forms of vehicle technology in 1998. He realized that developing and producing traction batteries in line with vehicle standards was the greatest challenge. He thus put his 15 years of experience to work by co-founding AKASOL AG in 2008 with three other specialists to pursue this mission.

Dr. Björn Eberleh


Dr. Björn Eberleh is a passionate researcher in the field of electromobility. Following on from his studies at Darmstadt Technical University, he joined the staff as a research associate from 2002 to 2007. During this time, and in subsequent work as an electromobility project consult for the automobile industry (including VW and Daimler), he has acquired comprehensive system knowledge. Today, he uses this knowledge to coordinate project management and set the central agenda of the company in consultation with his colleagues.

Stephen Raiser


Stephen Raiser is graduate electrical engineer and experienced automotive developer. After completing his studies he spent many years as a specialist in high-voltage systems and component development in the automotive sector. His knowledge of battery technology spans more than 20 years of successful work in development, which is evident in countless patents and publications. Stephen Raiser has been co-partner and Head of Development at AKASOL since 2009.
AKASOL AG looks back on more than 25 years of experience with li-ion battery systems, backed by a strong company with technical experience from the automotive sector that guarantees high standards at all times.
Pioneering spirit flows into every single neeo product. The company has created innovative battery storage systems for different target groups – private persons, business owners, energy suppliers – that are highly scalable for maximum flexibility. They are easy to operate and highly profitable.
In 2009, AKASOL moved its headquarters to a new facility in its hometown of Darmstadt, where the developers have access to one of Europe’s most modern environments for analysis and testing methods in the field of battery technology. At the new site, the future questions of technology are already being answered.